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The easiest way to upload your photos to Picasa is to use the computer application called iPhoto. iPhoto is a Windows software program that you can use to view and upload your photos. When it comes to using free programs to do this task, you are not actually paying anything to use iPhoto. Once you download the software, just install it and you're ready to go.

Download a large file. You should have a download speed of at least one gigabyte per second for your computer's Internet connection. You can try using a faster download speed by running several different downloads in rapid succession on your connection. However, this is not a recommended method since you could end up downloading files that will be too large to be usable. However, if you are able to upload them, you can use a fast connection to upload the files on your computer. File your documents and images with the appropriate extension before sending them to Picasa. This will make your file smaller in size when it is saved to Picasa.

Create an account in Picasa by going to the application's home page and clicking on the "Account" link. Enter your information as required and click on the "create" button to become a member. To start uploading photos, you need to first go to the home page of the Picasa application and click on the "Upload" link on the navigation bar. You will be prompted to download a program called Adobe Photo Printer for a free download. Once you have downloaded the program, you will be able to upload your files to Picasa easily by clicking on the "Upload" link on the top right corner of the page.

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